Alternator Services

It is important that your alternator be working properly
because it keeps your battery charged. If you think
there might be something wrong with yours, we would
be more than happy to have are experts take a look.

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Problem Signs

  • Warning Light

    Some vehicles have built in warnings that can indicate when something is not working properly. What that indicator is can vary from vehicle to vehicle, but typically it will be something that says "ALT" or "GEN" on the main dash. If you see one of this lights it is time to bring your car in.

  • Dim Headlights

    There are a few reasons that your headlights could dimmer than expected, but one of those reason is because your alternator is not producing enough power to fully supply your lights.

  • Weak or Dead Battery

    One of the primary functions of the alternator is to keep your battery changed, and if it not working right you may notice you have to jump your vehicle a lot or your car will just not start. It is possible for this to be a bad battery, but if this is happening, it would be a good idea to have one of Muffler and Go's alternator experts take a look.

  • Weird Sounds

    When the Alternator is running it has many moving parts inside of it, and sometimes these parts get worn and begin to make a grinding or winning noise.

  • Weird Smells

    Because the alternator is powered by a belt system, it is possible that those belts begin to smell because there is too much friction. This friction can be created because the belts are not turning freely or slipping.

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