Air Conditioning Services

Your cars air conditioning unit is critical to the
year-round comfort to you and your passengers.
So, if its not working correctly let our experts take
a look and get it sorted out for you.

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Bye Bye Bad AC

The most common cause of inadequate cooling is when the refrigerant leaks through worn seals and o-rings, loose fittings and connections. To make sure all the parts and components of your A/C system are working properly, we recommend having your A/C system checked at the beginning of the warm season.

Your auto care advisor can recommend an A/C Performance Check to test for any worn hoses or seals, leaks or contamination and to make sure your vehicle is ready for the warm weather.

It is important to note that some refrigerants used in automotive A/C systems are considered harmful to the environment. At Muffler & Go, we take great care to protect the environment while we are servicing the system.

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